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etfLIVE Europe 2020 started life as a physical one-day event in London, introducing ETFs to an institutional investor audience.

It evolved, due to circumstances beyond our control, into a three-day digital event, with panels on why to use ETFs; how to trade ETFs; the indices that underpin ETFs; regulation in the ETF ecosystem and expressing investment themes through ETFs.

Each panel was peopled with experts on each subject, discussing and debating in front of their virtual audience of qualified investors. There were also specific presentations on everything from fixed income ETFs to a vegan ETF.

And we recorded it so you can enjoy it too.

How to trade your ETFs and trading in periods of volatility


How to trade your ETFs and trading in periods of volatility
The Big Debate
Construction and range of indices underpinning the ETF market
How was it for you? 2020 — an extraordinary year
Trends and thematic investing through ETFs
Why gold should be in your portfolio
Automation is Critical to Success in Building your ETF
Combatting Animal Exploitation - The next frontier in sustainable and impact investing
Now you can hold responsibly sourced gold through an ETF
Regulatory impact on institutional ETF investing
Fixed income opportunities you may have missed

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