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NEWSLETTER | 3 Feb 2022  

Balancing the books

Our New York-based writer Bailey McCann reported this week on Sida Li’s paper, entitled ‘Should Passive Investors Actively Manage Their Trades’ which argues that regular index rebalancing in ETFs is leading to front running and costing investors USD3.9 billion a year. 

McCann quotes Herbert Blank, Senior Consultant at advisory firm Global Finesse, who notes that as other asset managers come into the ETF market either by issuing their own funds or converting mutual funds, the problem could become more widespread. 

"The issue is doing basket trades in thinly traded stocks - that's harder to do effectively when you're fully transparent," he explains. She also found that the findings provide a new layer of support for semitransparent ETFs. When compared against fully transparent ETFs, Li's research shows that semitransparent funds have lower transaction costs because they don't disclose their trades in advance. Blue Tractor’s Terry Norman says: “Semitransparent doesn’t mean you have to create a full black box…I think the paper raises the question as to whether portfolio managers have an obligation to keep transaction costs low. Those costs are being passed on to the investor.”

In other news this week, we bring you an interview with Lance McGray, Managing Director, Head of ETF Product at US firm Advisors Asset Management whose income generating products are enjoying some right place right time momentum. “It was certainly challenging in a low interest rate and growth market, but times have changed,” McGray says. “Investors are now worried about rising rates, inflation risks and stretched equity valuations.”

We have plenty of news stories this week celebrating the record year that was 2021 for the ETF industry – BMO reported from Canada on ETF growth in the country and Germany’s Deutsche Börse's ETF segment hit record highs last year, dominated by ESG and crypto.

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Beverly Chandler, managing editor, ETF Express

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Deutsche Börse's ETF segment hits record high
Mon | 31 Jan 2022, 10:07
The market for ETFs reached a new record high last year with investments in Deutsche Börse's ETF segment exceeding EUR1 trillion (+39 per cent; 2020: EUR788.1 billion). 
BMO’s annual Canadian ETF update reveals second year of record numbers
Tue | 1 Feb 2022, 09:15
BMO Global Asset Management (BMO GAM) has published its annual ETF Outlook Report, reporting on the ETF industry and key trends for 2022.
Income ETF story hits its stride in current markets
Tue | 1 Feb 2022, 15:21
It’s all about producing income for Colorado-based Advisors Asset Management (AAM). Lance McGray, Managing Director, Head of ETF Product, Advisors Asset Management explains that the firm has been a dynamic player in the asset management space since 1979.  
New research on ETF transaction costs causes controversy
Fri | 28 Jan 2022, 11:22
A new paper suggests billions are lost each year when index funds rebalance sparking controversy writes Bailey McCann from New York.
  Global ETF Launches
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Global ETF launches for 27th January to 3rd February

This week saw the first ETF launch from giant US-based digital asset manager Grayscale, plus a few more crypto launches, with VanEck Europe, 21Shares and CI Galaxy increasing their offerings in the crypto space.


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