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NEWSLETTER | 10 Jun 2021  

Bringing a little bling

etf express beverly chandler captioned.jpgEmles Advisors’ luxury ETF is reflecting the feel-good times of recovery, post pandemic, with Yev Shelkovskiy, PM at Emles, reporting that retail sales have shown a significant shift towards luxury goods, post pandemic. 

Shelkovskiy notes that investing in the luxury goods sector lets you access the growing middle class in the emerging markets, without directly accessing emerging market stock markets. Around 40 per cent of luxury consumption is in China, which is driving growth in the space and has done for the better part of the last 10 years. 

This week also brings us an interview with Andrew Chanin, founder/CEO of Procure Asset Launchpad (PAL) ETFs, and behind the aptly named YODA, HANetf’s new space ETF launch. For our interview, Chanin is talking about the firm’s launch of the first LGBTQ ETF, designed to serve the principles and values of the LGBTQ community and its allies, and supported by the great and the good, including Martina Navratilova. “There are a lot of positive things about focusing an ETF on the LGBTQ community – not least that, on average, they have 30 per cent more income per household, and that they are the most loyal purchasers of companies that are supportive and aligned with their community,” he says. 

We also have an interview with Emma Viotti, head of passive investments at Handeslbanken, on their introduction of five new Paris-aligned index funds tracking the Solactive indices. 

“Climate change has been a strategic area of focus at Handelsbanken Fonder for many years. We have excluded investments in coal-based companies since 2015, and have had a restrictive approach to the entire fossil-fuel industry for many years,” Viotti says. 

Finally, we sat down with three members of the BNY Mellon Investment Management team, Stephanie Pierce, Andy Provencher and Svein Floden from Insight, on their filing to launch a new active sustainable ETF solution, the BNY Mellon Responsible Horizons Corporate Bond ETF. BNY Mellon is again calling on its affiliate network and has appointed Insight, the largest of its affiliates, to manage the money. Floden, Insight Head of Intermediary Distribution, says that creating an index for a sustainable bond portfolio has had different challenge. “Being a debt holder rather than an equity holder changes the lens. You tend to hold bonds for longer and as a debt holder, you are senior to an equity holder and have more access and influence into how the companies are managed.” 

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Beverly Chandler
Managing Editor, ETF Express


Luxury in high demand in post pandemic world 
Wed | 9 Jun 2021, 10:25
Yev Shelkovskiy (pictured), PM at Emles reports that retail sales have shown a significant shift towards luxury goods, post pandemic. Emles is the issuer behind LUXE, the Emles Luxury Goods ETF and Shelkovskiy says that first quarter GDP total sales were 6.3 per cent higher than a year ago – before the pandemic really hit – and that he believes that the latest USD1,400 stimulus payment and relaxation of Covid containment measures will increase the opportunities to spend. 
Launch of LGBTQ ETF comes from its community
Mon | 7 Jun 2021, 12:40
The great and the good have come out to support the launch of LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings’ first ETF targeted at the LGBTQ community, with Martina Navratilova on the board, saying: “I am thrilled that the launch of the LGBTQ + ESG100 ETF has arrived. Today is an important day for advancing equality, as we showcase companies that align and support the LGBTQ community through this announcement. Seeing the trading symbol ‘LGBT’ listed on Nasdaq is truly historic.” 
Handelsbanken sees significant growth in ESG index funds
Tue | 8 Jun 2021, 12:06
Index provider Solactive recently reported that Swedish asset manager, Handelsbanken, had released five new Paris-aligned index funds tracking the Solactive indices. 
BNY Mellon IM files to launch a sustainable corporate bond ETF
Fri | 4 Jun 2021, 08:30
BNY Mellon Investment Management has filed with the SEC to launch a new active sustainable ETF solution, the BNY Mellon Responsible Horizons Corporate Bond ETF. 
iShares reports huge asset growth in sustainable fixed income ETFs
Tue | 8 Jun 2021, 12:50
Last year saw assets under management in sustainable fixed income ETFs triple from USD7.6 billion at the end of 2019 to USD21.2 billion by the end of 20201, and this growth is something that Cara Milton-Edwards, Fixed income product strategist, iShares EMEA believes will accelerate over the next five years.
ETP flows drop for second consecutive month, says BlackRock
Wed | 9 Jun 2021, 10:46
Flows into global Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) dropped for a second consecutive month, with USD95.6 billion added in May, down from USD105.4 billion in April and a record USD136.3 billion in March, according to the latest Global ETP Flows report from BlackRock.
Shipping, silver and sector plays dominate ETF markets in May
Wed | 9 Jun 2021, 09:27
As worldwide ETF assets surged to a new record high of USD8.8 trillion in May, global ETF analysis platform Trackinsight has released analysis of the key ETF investment trends and asset flows.
Global gold-backed ETFs add 61.3t in May
Tue | 8 Jun 2021, 14:33
Global gold-backed ETFs added 61.3t (USD3.4 billion, 1.7 per cent AUM) in May, reversing three straight months of net outflows according to new data released today by the World Gold Council. 
Global ETF launches 03-10.06.21
Thu | 10 Jun 2021, 13:30
Crypto launches took centre stage this week, with CoinShares listing bitcoin, ether and litecoin ETPs on Borse Xetra. 21Shares also launched a UK bitcoin ETP on Aquis Exchange, designed to provide institutional investors with secure and cost-effective exposure to the cryptocurrency. ESG launches were also popular, with iClima Earth listing the world’s first ESG UCITS ETF providing exposure to companies promoting the decentralisation of energy generation. State Street Global Advisors also launched three new SDPR ETS focusing on companies with steady dividend growth and a good ESG profile. Funds also focused on Europe, with a new Lyxor ETF on Xetra giving investors access to fixed-income and euro-denominated eurozone government bonds, and the Polish WIGtechTR ETF listed on GPW providing investors with exposure to the top 49 stocks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. KraneShares has it's sights set on the Far East meanwhile with the Bloomberg Barclays China Bond Inclusion ETF which tracks Chinese RMB-denominated securities. Finally, it was all bout biotech for WisdomTree, with the of listing the WisdomTree BioRevolution Fund (WDNA) offering diversified exposure to a basked of companies positioned at the intersection of biology and technology.

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