ETF Express European Awards 2022

The 12th iteration of the ETF Express European Awards has now started, and the 2022 service provider categories are now open for nominations.

To submit your top three performing service providers in each category, please take a moment to complete the nomination survey here. The deadline for initial submissions will be the Friday, 21st January until 12:00 GMT

As with previous awards, the nomination process is conducted for the service provider categories only. Fund manager category shortlists are based on pre-selection data, provided by our data partner Trackinsight, based on annualised returns over the 12 months from over a 12-month period from 31st May 2020 to 1st June 2021 and will be available for voting from 24th January.

The winners of the ETF Express European ETF awards 2022 will be announced on 24th March.



Methodology for ETF Express awards 2022, with data provided by Trackinsight

The pre-selection data for the issuer shortlists was provided by Trackinsight. Candidates in all asset class categories and groupings were determined on the basis of the following criteria:

1.    All currently listed European and UK-domiciled ETFs incepted before 1st June, 2021 were included in the issuer universe.
2.    For each category, all of an issuer's ETFs in that specific asset class category or grouping were combined to give a total assets under management figure.
3.    Within all categories, issuers with assets of below USD100 million were excluded (based on average assets during the period under review).
4.    Shortlist nominations were based on the percentage change in the issuers' assets under management in each category over a 12-month period from 31st May 2020 to 1st June 2021.
5.    Where the sample size in specific asset class categories permitted, issuers were also grouped by average asset thresholds such as: USD100 million - USD1billion; USD1billion -USD10 billion; USD5 billion - USD50billion and USD50 billion+.
6. In the service provider categories, firms can nominate and vote for themselves but this will be limited to 10 in-house votes per company.