CoinShares launches HAL, the algorithmic trading platform for crypto traders

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Digital asset manager CoinShares has launched HAL, a crypto-assets trading strategies platform.

The firm writes that HAL simplifies crypto trading by offering all exchanges users access to trading algorithms designed by CoinShares’ quants. Users can connect HAL to their preferred trading platform in a few clicks, where they are able to choose the trading strategies that suit them, and benefit from trading algorithms designed or curated.


CoinShares writes that HAL is the only platform of its kind to offer easy access to strategies designed by professionals with proven experience in crypto trading, rather than the complex marketplace offerings targeting advanced traders with bots designed by non-professional traders.


The firm says that HAL aims to simplify and democratise crypto trading, which many investors consider complex. It is designed to enable more users to boost their trading with professional algorithms, a simple user experience, fair and transparent pricing, and educational content.


The launch of HAL is part of CoinShares' broader integrated strategy, which, after enabling exposure to digital assets to traditional finance players via its suite of crypto ETPs, is now addressing the target audience of crypto traders, the firm says.

Jean-Marie Mognetti, Chief Executive Officer of CoinShares, says: “We are delighted to launch HAL under CoinShares. We acquired Napoleon, which created Napbots, because we could immediately see our common goals: to democratise access to, and educate investors about, trading crypto assets. In a new, still-evolving ecosystem, we are very proud to be at the cutting edge of providing professional-level products, with simple user experience, to traders - enabling them to do much more with their crypto than simply ‘hodl’.”

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