Amundi reports fixed income ETFs most popular asset class in summer months

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Amundi’s ETF Market Flows Analysis for July and August reveals that investors allocated EUR90.7 billion to global ETFs over the summer with in-flows of EUR44.1 billion in July and EUR46.6 billion in August.


Amundi writes that fixed income was the most popular asset class gaining EUR58.8 billion while equities added EUR41.9 billion. Overall, Amundi says, the level of uncertainty regarding the global economy’s outlook remains high, driving investors to a more risk-off mode.


In Europe, investors withdrew EUR5.3 billion from equity UCITS ETFs over the two months with the majority of these outflows – EUR4.4 billion – happening in August. While there were outflows overall for equity UCITS ETFs, ESG UCITS ETFs gained EUR7.0 billion during the summer period.


Investors allocated EUR9.5 billion into fixed income UCITS ETFs with flows fairly evenly split between the two months (EUR5.1 billion in July and EUR4.4 billion in August). ESG fixed income UCITS ETFs also attracted significant flows from investors, at EUR5.1 billion.



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