SoFi launches Web 3 ETF and a Smart Energy ETF


SoFi Technologies, Inc, the US digital personal finance company, has announced that SoFi Invest is launching two new ETFs, SoFi Web 32 (NASDAQ: TWEB) and SoFi Smart Energy (NYSE: ENRG), designed, the firm says, to make it easier than ever for people to invest in two of the world’s fastest-growing industries and put their dollars into the causes and technology they are most excited about.


"Our selection of SoFi-branded ETFs enables us to offer accessible, affordable and diversified investments designed with our members in mind, which has proved especially important for the influx of new investors we’ve welcomed recently,” says Anthony Noto, CEO of SoFi.


“SoFi has a unique perspective on how the next generation spends, saves, and invests their money given our breadth of products. With this next phase of ETF launches, we’re focusing on funds that help people get their money right while also allowing them to invest in what they are most passionate about right now. We know many of our members look at Web 3 and clean energy as important parts of the future, and we are thrilled to be providing low-cost investment vehicles designed to meet those interests.”


Additionally, SoFi is officially rebranding the existing SoFi Gig Economy (NASDAQ: GIGE) ETF as the SoFi Be Your Own Boss (NASDAQ: BYOB) ETF. The firm writes that this change will better reflect the fund’s goal of investing in companies that embody the future of work, and have transformed the way people access goods, services, and work over recent years. The BYOB ETF is actively managed, with some of its top current holdings including Airbnb (2.25 per cent), Shopify (2.89 per cent) and Roblox (3.44 per cent), in each case as of August 9, 2022.


The new SoFi Web 3 and SoFi Smart Energy funds will be available for 59 basis points for all investors.


The SoFi Web 3 ETF (TWEB)


The SoFi Web 3 ETF is designed to provided investors with access to the companies powering the next tech revolution and driving a decentralised approach to the internet, such as the metaverse and artificial intelligence. TWEB tracks the SoFi Solactive ARTIS Web 3.0 Index, providing diversification by investing in 40 securities across four themes - NFTs & Tokenisation, Blockchain Technology, Metaverse, Big Data & AI - solving the key problems with the internet today, the firm writes.


The SoFi Smart Energy ETF (ENRG)


In 2021, a survey of SoFi Invest members showed 73 per cent of members reported they wanted a clean tech ETF. SoFi writes that it is meeting that strong interest with the SoFi Smart Energy ETF (ENRG), partnering with iClima to provide investors greater access to clean energy investing.


ENRG is joining the SoFi ETF family (known previously as iClima Distributed Smart Energy ETF, Ticker: SHFT), and the fund tracks the iClima Distributed Renewable Energy Index. The index identifies companies rapidly modernizing energy solutions by replacing centralised fossil fuel-based grids with technologies that enable electricity generation and storage using renewable energy sources in a local, decentralised, and modular way.


Web 3 & Clean Energy Education


As part of the launch of the SoFi Web 3.0 and SoFi Smart Energy funds, SoFi is also launching two new educational hubs: the Sustainable Investing Guide for Beginners and Web 3 Guide for Beginners. The firm writes that many investors don’t know where to start when investing in sectors or themes they are passionate about. These new educational hubs will simplify complex topics to help investors of every experience level better understand these industries, SoFi says.



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