Johannesburg Stock Exchange launches equity market data analytics platform in collaboration with big xyt

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Data provider big xyt has announced that the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the largest stock exchange in Africa, has deployed a new information service leveraging big xyt’s Liquidity Cockpit for security analytics. 


Using unique peer group rankings, trading firms can explore their market share, examine how they interact with the order book, and view their trading performance.  As well as enhancing management oversight, the tools will enable client-facing staff to discover highly granular information about their trading flows and identify competitive advantages. Product managers can use the service to help improve their algorithms and trading strategies.


In what is thought to be the first of its kind in the exchange space, the analytics offering, named JSE Trade Explorer, will be delivered directly to trading participants of the exchange’s cash equity and ETF markets (including the exchange’s members and their clients, and eventually issuers) under a white labelling arrangement.  As the tools are fully hosted and web-based, the new service is highly accessible without the need for IT integration or support by end users.


With listings of major global names, and providing unique access to African growth stocks, the JSE provides an important hub for investors to participate in the rapid development of the continent’s economy.  By providing easy access to big xyt’s sophisticated data analytics solutions, the JSE is establishing a marker of excellence in the provision of information services that underpin the investment process.


“Our clients are increasingly aware of the importance of data analytics and are hungry for solutions that can deliver trusted and actionable support to their own bottom line. This is an opportune time to introduce this service to our clients, as we believe it will help our member firms to promote their competitive advantages and unique selling propositions,” says Mark Randall, Director of Information Services at the JSE.


“The increase in the quantity and complexity of data globally is a major challenge for our members and broader participants, both in terms of the cost of development and the delivery to end users.  We also know that every exchange has a unique dataset that helps participants to understand their competitive strengths, in terms of liquidity and trading quality.  We set ourselves the challenge to make this dataset highly accessible, at an affordable cost and with very fast delivery,” he says. 


“At the JSE we see the value that we can bring to our clients by providing high quality and readily accessible market data, particularly through modern cloud channels. We believe that this new service, in collaboration with big xyt, is an innovative but natural progression to providing trusted analytics,” says Mark Randall.


Richard Hills, Head of Client Engagement at big xyt says: “This highly innovative initiative puts the JSE at the forefront of the global exchanges community in providing easy access to complex analytics on a daily basis. The JSE has raised the bar in terms of the scope and quality of information services provided to their stakeholders. We are proud to have partnered with them on developing this new offering for the industry.”



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