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Paul Kaplan, Bloomberg

Bloomberg | Best ETF Platform | Best OTC/Dark Pool ETF Execution Venue - “It’s very much a team effort,” says Paul Kaplan, Bloomberg’s Global Head of Credit, Equities, & Price Transparency, on the work that lies behind these two award wins.

“Bloomberg offers seamless integration for our clients,” Kaplan says. “What is unique about Bloomberg is that we offer a comprehensive ETF solution that effectively utilises our news, data, pre and post trade analytics, and communication tools across the depth and breadth of our asset classes.”

Kaplan says that Bloomberg provides a leading electronic trading solution and helps solve clients’ workflows from beginning to end. “Our clients say that Bloomberg’s comprehensive solution makes it easy for them to do everything they need, including execution in the secondary ETF market, creation and redemption, and portfolio trading.”

Bloomberg’s ETF trading solution, RFQe, is global, and operated by Bloomberg affiliates across Europe, the US, and APAC, with well over 90 ETF liquidity providers. “Clients rely on Bloomberg’s depth of liquidity,” Kaplan says. “They also look to us to handle their vast number of transactions during times of extreme volatility, such as today with the crisis in Ukraine and the quickly changing economic environment. They have all the necessary tools at their fingertips and can be quick to react.”

Kaplan notes that what has changed over the past few years is greater awareness that Bloomberg offers trading, data, and analytics across a full suite of asset classes, which is, he says, a recognition of how far the business has come.

Kaplan notes that many buy-side and sell-side participants are combining their ETF and Fixed Income cash businesses to better execute or provide liquidity for macro strategies. “It makes sense that we should do the same to ensure that we provide our clients with innovative ideas and products, and a seamless workflow. It comes back to partnership with our clients, which is a strength of Bloomberg.”

In terms of growing trends, Kaplan says that using ETFs for cross asset exposure has increased with the growth of trading bigger macro themes. “Clients are looking for different avenues to express their views, and ETFs provide an easy way for clients to get in and out of risk – they are a natural cash alternative in portfolios and effectively track a client’s strategy.”

Another trend is trade automation as clients look to streamline and introduce greater efficiency into their workflow. Consequently, Bloomberg has developed tools to deliver automation capabilities to clients. Kaplan says, “On Bloomberg, clients know they have access to robust pre-trade data to help them make informed trading decisions. We have incorporated these data points into our trade automation tools to support clients’ best execution strategies.”


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