CFT launches turnkey solution for ETF sponsors

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Consortio Funds Trust has announced the launch of a strategic relationship bringing together experts and leaders from across the ETF industry. 

The firm writes that it provides the marketplace with an integrated, cost-effective, and turnkey solution designed to support ETF sponsors in planning, launching, operating, and growing their exchange-traded products. With CFT Board approval, ETF issuers can leverage a collaborative framework of domain experts to help them build, grow, and maintain their ETF business.
“An industry-leading consortium of strategic partners will collaborate to navigate every step of the ETF journey,” says Brad Swenson, President and Trustee of CFT.
From administration to sales and marketing, prospective CFT service providers include innovative firms, such as FLX Networks, Vident Investment Advisory, Kelley Hunt, Paralel Technologies, and others, with each providing expertise and solutions in ETFs, along with established relationships with intermediaries, exchanges, capital markets, and index providers.
“Partnering with industry leaders to deliver access to the resources required for our members to effectively build, grow, and sustain their business is at the heart of our value proposition,” says Brian Moran, CEO of FLX Networks. 


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