Kevin Kelly launches Kelly ETFs and a suite of ETFs in the US

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A new ETF issuer, Kelly ETFs, has launched in the US, seeking, it says, to bring forward-looking and disruptive investment products to market, officially launches today.

The firm’s first round of ETFs also began trading, including: The Kelly CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology ETF (Nasdaq: XDNA). XDNA is designed to capitalize on the next generation of healthcare by investing in companies disrupting the genomic and life science industries. The fund seeks to track the Strategic CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology Index, which measures the performance of developed market companies that specialize in DNA modification systems and technologies. The subsectors of this fund include CRISPR & Gene Editing Technology, Gene Editing Development Solutions and Gene Editing Sequencing Solutions.

The Kelly Hotel & Lodging Sector ETF (NYSE Arca: HOTL). The lodging ecosystem includes many specialized players, and by seeking to track the Strategic Hotel & Lodging Sector Index, HOTL offers exposure to companies focused on hotel and lodging management and operations, lodging platform services, timeshare properties and real estate throughout the developed world. The hotel and lodging sector acts as an effective economic barometer as it uniquely captures both leisure and business spending across various income levels.

The Kelly Residential & Apartment Real Estate ETF (NYSE Arca: RESI). RESI aims to track the Strategic Residential & Apartment Real Estate Sector Index, which targets the entire residential and multifamily real estate industry by giving investors access to companies specialising in single-family residential homes, apartment buildings, student housing and manufactured homes.

“At Kelly ETFs, we believe investors deserve access to strategies handcrafted with a deep and nuanced understanding of the forces driving the trends and transformations happening every day,” says Kevin Kelly, Founder and CEO of Kelly ETFs. “We are particularly excited about the promising innovation occurring in CRISPR and gene editing technology. Scientific understanding of DNA is significantly more advanced today than even a few years ago and we’re thrilled to be in on the ground floor.”

“In regard to residential real estate, historically low housing supply comes at a time when household growth – the primary driver of housing demand – is strong and accelerating,” says Krista Kelly, who will oversee the firm’s operations and distribution. “Meanwhile, the hotel and lodging sector is seeing favourable market conditions as business spending is set to increase over the next several years.”

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