Global ETF launches for 30th December to 6th January

ETF launches dried up over the holiday period, particularly in Europe. The only European launch came from Wombat, the UK retail investment platform, which brought UK investors access to many of the world’s leading luxury brands at Christmas with the addition of ‘The High Ender’ ETF to its micro-investing platform.

The rest of the launches marked a definite move to caution and concern over inflation levels for the start of 2022, with Infrastructure Capital Advisors launching ICAP in the US, the InfraCap Equity Income Fund ETF, and AXS Investments launching its first ETF in the US, the AXS Astoria Inflation Sensitive ETF (PPI).

One notably different launch came from the BAD Investment Company, with Tommy Marcuso (interview coming next week) bringing us the antidote to all that ESG, with his first ETF focused on betting, alcohol and drugs.

Strategy Shares expands ETF line-up with launch of the Nasdaq 5HANDL Index ETF in the US

RiverNorth and TrueMark launch America Patriot ETF in the US

Infrastructure Capital Advisors launches ICAP in the US

Gabelli Funds to launch third ETF in the US

Motley Fool Asset Management launches two index-based ETFs in the US

AXS Investments launches its first ETF in the US

The BAD Investment Company seeks to offer ETF alternative to ESG

IndexIQ launches Mackay California Municipal Intermediate ETF

Wombat offers investors a piece of the world’s leading luxury brands

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