Global ETF launches for 18th to 25th November

A busy week, despite the US Thanksgiving holiday, saw ETF launches in a wide range of subjects. 

HANetf was back with Saturna Capital, launching an Islamic-compliant ESG ETF, while Harbor Capital Advisers brought us the Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF, which invests primarily in equity securities, principally common and preferred stocks, of US companies that the investment team believes to have above-average prospects for long-term growth.

The UK’s Tabula launched its Asia ex-Japan high yield ETF on Xetra and Frankfurt-based index provider Solactive explained that in the wake of its massive negative impacts, the pandemic has accelerated the development of new pharmaceuticals and vaccines, hence the launch of Cathay Securities Investment Trust ETF which tracks companies pioneering in the development of innovative medication. 

Meanwhile, Global X ETFs took its first steps into the world of commodities, with the launch of an ETF dedicated to copper. The firm writes that copper is often seen as a leading barometer for global economic health. By February 2021, as the world began to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and economies started to reopen, copper had risen above USD4.00/pound, nearly doubling its March 2020 lows, and with the reopening economy fully underway, copper prices have held steady throughout 2021.

Saturna and HANetf launch Islamic-compliant ESG ETF

Global X ETFs launches copper miners UCITS ETF (COPX)

FinEx launches REITs ETF on Moscow Exchange

Tabula lists Asia ex-Japan high yield ETF on Xetra

Solactive reports on Cathay Securities genomics ETF

Harbour Capital Advisors expands ETF suite with Long-Term Growers strategy

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