ProShares launches three new funds, expanding thematic ETF lineup

ProShares, a provider of ETFs, announced that it has launched three new ETFs

ProShares On-Demand ETF (OND), ProShares Smart Materials ETF (TINT), and ProShares Nanotechnology ETF (TINY). ProShares has launched six thematic ETFs in 2021, doubling its lineup to 12 thematic ETFs in total.

“We are excited to launch a set of truly innovative funds that give investors access to themes previously not available in the areas of nanotechnology, smart materials, and on-demand platforms,” said ProShares CEO Michael L. Sapir. 

“The future is smaller, smarter, and faster. These latest additions to the ProShares thematic ETFs lineup provide investors new and efficient ways to access the companies changing how businesses operate, innovate and compete.”

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