Qraft hires Robert Nestor

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AI-enabled fintech company Qraft Technologies has announced that Robert Nestor, CFA, will join the firm as a Global Senior Advisor. 

The firm writes that Nestor brings over 30 years of industry experience and will guide the Qraft team in matters related to business strategy and product development.
Nestor has served in a variety of senior leadership roles in asset management over his career most recently as president and head of Direxion ETFs. Prior to that role, Nestor was Head of iShares Factor ETFs at BlackRock. He has also held executive roles leading product, marketing, and enterprise strategy at asset management giants BlackRock and Vanguard. Nestor received his Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of Delaware and his MBA from Drexel University.

“I’m thrilled to be embarking on this new professional endeavor with the Qraft team,” says Nestor. “Qraft sits at a crossroads of several industry developments that will pave the way for lasting change, including artificial intelligence. I see these technologies as a driving force for asset management and thoughtful risk management that will become increasingly relevant as markets become more volatile. I look forward to drawing on my experience and expertise to help guide the Qraft team to reach investors far and wide with their unique value proposition.”

“We feel privileged to welcome Rob aboard Qraft Technologies,” says Marcus Kim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Qraft Technologies. “His experience of 30 years, most recently as President of Direxion and head of Factor ETFs at BlackRock, will be no doubt an asset in any of our endeavors and will allow us to exponentially grow our presence in the US and globally. He will help us meet our challenge in becoming a global fintech company.”

Qraft Technologies provides AI-driven financial technology tools, including an asset allocation model, to institutions and advisors alike. Qraft also provides AI-powered active indexing solutions in the form of, Qraft AI ETFs, which consists of four AI-managed funds — AMOM, NVQ, HDIV and QRFT listed on NYSE Arca. Each employs its own strategy in an effort to achieve alpha1 and navigate changing market conditions. The funds all rely on AI technology to quantify vast amounts of data, rebalancing holdings monthly or quarterly. Nestor will primarily focus on helping grow the adoption of Qraft’s artificial intelligence in the financial industry.

Nestor’s role is new for the Qraft team and represents the firm’s company-wide globalisation initiative. Qraft is actively working to expand beyond its South Korean headquarters and diversify its clientele. The firm opened an office in Hong Kong in January and plans to expand physically within the United States.

“Our proprietary AI technologies are driven by quantitative data, allowing our strategies to cross between the boundaries that exist between global investors,” says Francis Oh, Managing Director of Qraft AI ETFs. “As we aim to build out relationships within the U.S. and around the world, Robert’s breadth of connections and experience will be a valuable asset. His expert insight will enable us to further grow as we seek to expand AI-driven solutions to a global financial market.”

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