Pacer ETFs expands Pacer Swan range

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Pacer ETFs has announced the next addition to the Pacer Swan SOS ETF family with its October series. 

The launch includes: Pacer Swan SOS Conservative (October) ETF (PSCQ), Pacer Swan SOS Moderate (October) ETF (PSMO) and Pacer Swan SOS Flex (October) ETF (PSFO). Starting today, these funds will offer specific buffers and caps lasting for a 12-month target-outcome period.

The Pacer Swan SOS ETF family, launched in December 2020, seeks to provide investors with exposure to market growth up to a specific cap, while simultaneously offering a built-in downside buffer based on current market conditions in the event of a market down cycle. Each ETF within the series comes with a varied structured outcome strategy, allowing investors to be deliberate in how they manage risk.

“While markets in 2021 have managed to surprise on the upside, the remainder of the year presents several challenges that could lead to excess volatility,” says Pacer ETFs Distributors President Sean O’Hara. “The Pacer Swan SOS series was designed to address that volatility and grow investor capital while managing risk, an ideal approach in the current market environment.”


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