Lyxor ETF Money Monitor reports equity and fixed income flows are strong across the board

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Lyxor ETF Money Monitor reports that it was a strong month for equity and fixed income flows across the board and that it seems investors’ appetite for risk assets showed no signs of slowing down. The company also reports that ETFs gathered EUR10 billion in August 2021 and in addition that fixed income and equity ETFs took in EUR3.1 billion and EUR6.5 billion respectively.

The report states that ESG ETF flows were well supported, with EUR5.2 billion of inflows in August and that ESG ETFs flows since the beginning of the year totalled EUR55.9 billion, representing almost half of total flows in the European ETF market.

Smart Beta ETFs recorded negative EUR0.4 billion net outflows, Lyxor ETF Money Monitor also reports, and that investors turned back to more defensive building blocks such as Quality whilst Value lost its appeal.

Fixed income funds and ETFs have gathered a combined EUR24.8 billion in net new assets, states the report, with EUR21.7 billion into open-ended funds and EUR3.1 billion into ETFs. The report also shows that flows were mostly directed into Global or Euro exposures.

Finally, Lyor ETF Money Monitor also shows that equity ETFs and open-ended funds gained EUR25.5 billion of net new assets, with EUR18.9 billion into funds and EUR6.5 billion into ETFs, and that US and Japan were sought after along with the Healthcare sector.

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