SS&C ALPS Advisors launches JRNY ETF

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc has announced that SS&C ALPS Advisors, an asset manager and wholly-owned subsidiary of SS&C, launched the ALPS Global Travel Beneficiaries ETF (JRNY).  

The Fund's strategy provides diversified exposure to the global travel industry, which historically has outpaced global GDP growth for nine consecutive years between 2011 and 20191.

"SS&C ALPS Advisors continues to build a compelling suite of thematic strategies for ETF investors," says Laton Spahr, President of SS&C ALPS Advisors. "We believe global travel spending may improve as the global middle class expands and the desire to spend on experiences grows. Our new ETF may provide differentiated exposure to a potentially durable theme."

The fund tracks the S-Network Global Travel Index, which identifies exchange-traded stocks of companies that are materially engaged in the global travel industry. The Fund's portfolio invests in booking and rental agencies, airlines and airport services, hotels, casinos and cruise lines, along with travel-related companies identified through machine learning algorithms, such as luxury retail, entertainment, leisure, food and beverage, and payment processing vendors.
JRNY's index utilises a combination of quality and growth factors that may identify attractive investment opportunities in travel and tourism. A free cash flow ranking helps prioritize more persistent and sustainable investment characteristics, aiming to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive exposure to the global travel industry. 

"The artificial intelligence-driven screening process identifies additional companies that may benefit from the global travel ecosystem," says Andy Hicks, Portfolio Manager, SS&C ALPS Advisors. "We believe the additional travel beneficiaries focus will diversify the fund's global travel exposure."

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