Global ETF launches 22.7.21 to 29.7.21

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This week has seen a wide variety of ETFs launched, presumably before the lull of August impacts all new activities.

ESG continues to be a key theme for ETF launches, even when it is an added screen, as in the case of HANetf’s latest product, an enterprise software ETF with Purpose Investments. Newly acquired Rize ETF has launched LIFE, an environmental impact ETF this week, while other leading impact investors, Impact Shares, has launched a US affordable housing ETF. This is an ETF that invests in agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) backed by pools of mortgage loans made to minority families, low- and moderate-income (LMI) families, and/or families that live in persistent poverty areas.

Yield and value are also back in the news: DriveWealth has launch a fixed income yield-focused ETF and we interviewed Mark Hillman of Hillman Capital Management, who has launched an actively managed large-cap value-driven ETF with SS&C ALPS Advisors.

More caution comes in the form of Aptus Capital Advisors’ launch of the International Drawdown-Managed Equity ETF (Cboe: IDME), an actively-managed ETF targeting non-US stocks with a focus on managing drawdown risk through hedges.

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