Global ETF launches 15.7.21 – 22.7.21

This week saw the ETF launch news dominated by themes again. Goldman Sachs launched its first transparent, actively managed equity ETF, the Future Planet Equity ETF, designed to expand the firm’s existing suite of thematic ETFs, to help investors position their portfolios on the right side of disruption by providing focused exposure to long-term secular growth trends. Goldman Sachs intends to invest in the fund alongside its clients.

A new ETF issuer. Viridi Funds, has launched a ‘cleaner’ approach to crypto mining and semiconductors in the US and iClima has called on us all to do ‘more good’ for the environment with the firm’s first US listings. CSOP is offering investors access to the China Healthcare Disruption theme with its latest ETF and in Korea, Mirae Asset Global Investments and reissued Lithium and Electric Vehicle ETFs under their Tiger ETF brand.

iClima launches two US-listed ‘do more good’ for the environment ETFs

CSOP launches China Healthcare Disruption ETF

CIBC launches Sustainable ETF series

Viridi Funds to launch Cleaner Energy Crypto Mining and Semiconductor ETF in the US

Mirae Asset Global Investments reissues Lithium and EV ETFs under Tiger ETF brand in Korea

Goldman Sachs launches Future Planet Equity ETF


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