Global X reveals big themes dominating ETFs

Global X’s The Next Big Theme report for July 2021 covers six key themes: US Infrastructure; E-commerce; Lithium; Video Games & E-Sports; Cloud Computing and Cleantech. 

In terms of US Infrastructure, Global X writes that Biden’s Infrastructure Plan is charging ahead. “Successfully passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, budget resolution, and legislation could stimulate economic growth in the near term through accelerated job creation and purchasing of American-made materials,” the firm says.

In E-Commerce, Shop Pay, Shopify’s highly successful one-click checkout process, is no longer exclusive to Shopify’s merchants; the feature will be added to Facebook and Instagram’s platforms as social media giants are increasingly integrating e-commerce features. The simplified checkout process offered by Shop Pay resulted in more than USD24 billion in orders since its launch.

In Lithium & Cleantech, Global X writes that large-scale miners are focusing on better environmental practices, with lithium miners increasingly prioritising sustainability. Global X writes that while lithium is a key ingredient in state-of-the-art batteries used in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, lithium mining has historically come under fire for its negative environmental impacts.

Video Games & Esports and Gaming Numbers have continued to exceed expectations, according to Global X. Gaming thrived during pandemic-induced lockdowns, but even as the economy re-opens and the weather improves, video games have continued with their strong trajectory. Long-term, the global video game console market is expected to achieve a 5.25 per cent CAGR through 2027.

Cloud Computing is accelerating in emerging markets, Global X reports. Historically, cloud adoption in emerging markets (EMs) has lagged behind their developed counterparts. But growing access to public cloud options are changing that paradigm. Beyond a growing presence from major US cloud providers, the MEA region is able to adopt cloud technology at last because governmental initiatives and enhanced digital infrastructure.

In terms of Cleantech, government funding and regulations are often viewed as the keys to achieving carbon neutrality, Global X writes. But in emerging markets, where government budgets are tight, the private sector is playing a greater role in supporting the transition to clean energy. For example, Reliance Industries, an Indian conglomerate with stakes in everything from oil refining to telecommunications, vowed to invest USD10 billion over the next three years in an attempt to accelerate India’s progress towards clean energy.

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