CIBC launches Sustainable ETF series

CIBC Asset Management Inc has launched an ETF Series of CIBC Sustainable Investment Solutions, providing access to actively managed strategies that seek to align with the investing values of socially responsible investors. 

A portion of CIBC's revenues from managing these environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions are donated to organisations supporting climate transition activities. 
"We're delighted to introduce this new active line-up to meet the growing demand for ETF solutions with a socially responsible approach, as well as providing our clients the option to select investments based on their personal values", says David Scandiffio, President and CEO of CIBC Asset Management. 

The CIBC Sustainable Investment Solutions are actively managed funds that integrate a socially responsible approach to investing while providing a range of income and long-term capital growth outcomes.

The CIBC Sustainable Investment Solutions are designed to align investors' wealth with a values-based approach focused on responsible investing. The solutions also aim to have a lower carbon footprint and energy sector exposure than broad market indices, and employ positive sector screening for companies involved in the renewable energy space and green bonds. The products utilize CIBC Asset Management proprietary ESG analysis and portfolio construction methodology in conjunction with customised screening from Sustainalytics.

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