Leverage Shares launches 3x ETPs on Airbnb, Palantir, Plug Power and Roku

Leverage Shares is at it again, expanding its suite of Short and Leveraged (S&L) ETPs. The innovative provider is listing the first ever leveraged ETPs offering 3x geared and -1x inverse exposure to more investor favourites like Airbnb, Disney, Palantir, Peloton and a -3x inverse version of their flagship Tesla ETPs.

The firm writes that the launch of these physically backed ETPs offer investors access to additional sectors like streaming services, personal health, leisure, and analytics via some of today’s most innovative companies. Having listed the most ETPs to date on London Stock Exchange, Leverage Shares is adding 21 more names to its industry leading array of S&L ETPs on single stocks.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, individual investors are now a greater force than ever before, the firm says, accounting for nearly a fourth of US equity trading volume. In addition, investors’ margin balances in the US are at all-time high – indicating the increasing appetite for more exposure to their investments of choice.

These short and leveraged ETPs are designed to provide a cost-efficient alternative to those who want magnified exposure without the hassles of opening a margin account. Apart from adding 3x variants of existing ETPs, Leverage Shares has also added new stocks on which it now offers exchange-traded products. These include: Airbnb; Baidu; Disney; JD.com; Palantir; Peloton; Plug Power and Roku.

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