Horizons ETFs launches Canada's first semiconductor ETF

Horizons ETFs Management has launched the Horizons Global Semiconductor Index ETF (CHPS), which is now trading today on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

CHPS is Canada's first ETF to offer exposure exclusively to the global semiconductor space – an industry centered around the development and manufacturing of the processers that drive practically all electronics and technologies available today. Regardless of what happens with trends in consumer technology or changes in the use of technology, semiconductors will likely remain the engine behind that change.

"Semiconductors are a core component of past, present and future technologies and innovations. CHPS is a potential long term core holding in any global equity allocation as a way to get exposure to technology without necessarily worrying about what the next latest and greatest trend is, because more than likely, some form of semiconductor is powering that technology," says Steve Hawkins, President & CEO of Horizons ETFs.  "As the first ETF listed in Canada to provide focused global exposure to semiconductors, CHPS offers an opportunity to go directly to the 'heart' of technology investing."

CHPS offers exposure to publicly listed equity securities of companies with a minimum market capitalization of USD1 billion within the established global semiconductor space tracking the Solactive Capped Global Semiconductor Index (the "Index"). CHPS is also available to be traded in U.S. dollars through the ticker CHPS.U.

The supply of semiconductors has been hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic, which have resulted in shortages that have increased the pricing of many consumer goods.

"Amidst a global semiconductor shortage, we have seen how critical these materials are for the manufacturing of numerous technologies, from telecommunications systems, to household appliances and even most automobiles," says Hawkins. "Additionally, commentary from the industry suggests demand for semiconductors will continue to outpace supply for years to come, highlighting the continued importance of these manufacturers into the future and the prominence of this investment theme."