Leverage Shares launches first European non-leveraged single stock ETPs

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Oktay Kavrak, Leverage Shares

A poll of European retail investors conducted by Leverage Shares, the European pioneer in S&L ETPs on single stocks, has revealed that, in the UK, the number one irritation was not being able to buy crypto ETPs, followed by the costs of FX conversion – particularly onerous for active traders – and the fact that many Asian stocks, held within an ISA, can’t be bought individually because the Asian exchanges are not deemed to be properly regulated. 

The result of these results is Leverage Shares’ launching the first-of-its-kind Stock Tracker ETPs, under the brand name ‘LS’. These offer 1-to-1 exposure to the most in-demand stocks at, what Leverage Shares calls: ‘a fraction of the price’. 

The line-up includes Tesla, the FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet – formerly Google), Microsoft, Shopify and Coinbase. 

Oktay Kavrak (pictured), Product Strategy at Leverage Shares, says: “A lot of modern retail investors from the millennials or Generation Z generations don’t have USD 2500 for single share of Alphabet or brokerage accounts that give them access to fractional trading. Our products give you a slice of access to these companies at an affordable price.” 

The single stocks are listed at the equivalent of just USD 5 a share, each ETP is 100 per cent physically backed and available in GBP, EUR, and USD, with a management fee of 0.15 per cent. 

Going forward, Kavrak hinted that some Asian companies may be added to the list, such as NIO.  

“Firms like these are currently not available via an ISA, one of the most popular tax wrappers used by over two million UK investors.” 

The target audience is largely retail investors, but he believes that the Stock Tracker ETPs will also appeal to legacy brokers that currently cannot offer fractional shares to their clients, such as Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor. 

In addition to the Stock Tracker listing, Leverage Shares is also growing its portfolio of short and leveraged ETPs by listing additional 3x leveraged versions of popular stocks like Twitter and Alibaba. 

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