Leverage Shares unveils 'world’s first' Stock Tracker ETPs

Leverage Shares, a pioneer of physically-backed single stock ETPs, is launching world’s first Stock Tracker ETPs on LSE. The firm says the Stock Tracker ETPs break boundaries and level the playing field by making investing more accessible.

With the recent boom in single stock investing, the traded volume of Leverage Shares ETPs has almost doubled in Q1 2021 vs the previous quarter. Leverage Shares continues to expand its innovative portfolio with the release of Stock Tracker ETPs.

The Stock Tracker ETPs come in response to demand from investors keen on simple and safer products. This newest addition permits single stock tracking without leverage, diminishing the risk and allowing for fractional trading, launching at USD5 per share on otherwise costly stocks of prominent public companies. The Stock Trackers ETPs are advantageous for institutional and retail investors alike, as well as legacy brokers, who until now have not been able to offer fractional trading to their clients.

The Stock Tracker line-up includes nine single-stock ETPs, offering 1:1 exposure to leading US and Canadian stocks at a fraction of the price. The list of products includes investors’ favourites, featuring Tesla, Coinbase, Shopify, and the FAANGs.

Leverage Shares expects to expand this initial launch with additional Stock Trackers, providing access to a larger set of stocks across international markets.

In addition to the Stock Tracker listing, Leverage Shares is also growing its portfolio of short and leveraged ETPs by listing additional three leveraged versions of popular stocks like Twitter and Alibaba, thereby offering more trading tools to investors and solidifying its leading position in this field.