Leverage Shares adds fintech disruptors and 3x Tesla to Suite of S&L ETPs

Leverage Shares, a UK specialist in S&L ETPs on single stocks, has expanded its range of ETPs to 65. 

Initially focused on US stocks, the ETP specialist has added fintech leaders such as Square and PayPal, UK bluechips that include Barclays and BP, and additional leverage factors to its flagship Tesla ETPs.

Since expanding their physically-backed offerings in 2020, average turnover in Leverage Shares ETPs has increased sevenfold. The boom in global investing in single stocks has spilled over to S&L ETPs as investors seek out risk-mitigated access to leverage.

Oktay Kavrak, Product Strategy at Leverage Shares, commented: “Our investors are the bellwether guiding our strategy. They have expressed not only their appetite for convenient leverage to more of their favourite stocks, but also their preference for a cost-e

Leverage Shares ETPs now offer exposure to additional sectors such as banks, energy, aviation, telecoms and others. ETP holders incur no margin calls and can trade these powerful tools in GBP, USD and EUR.

Michael Stanley, Head of ETP Product Development & Product Management, London Stock Exchange, says: “We congratulate Leverage Shares on the listing of 25 new single stock Short & Leverage ETPs on our markets, adding to their diverse ETP product offering in London. The listings highlight the growing investor demand for innovative products across sectors and geographies, key to providing choice and diversity."