Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes Partner with C8 Technologies

Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes have partnered with C8 Technologies, the first global marketplace for asset owners, funds, banks and index providers, to offer several unique and compelling strategies on its direct indexing platform.  

This new collaboration enables advisors to use the C8 platform to directly trade the underlying assets of specific indexes and/or strategies, gaining access to institutional-grade investment models at a lower cost than traditional broker-specific solutions. Clients execute the trades through their existing broker or bank, rather than committing their capital in advance to a fund or structured product. In doing so, the end investor gains greater transparency and flexibility in their positions as well as simple tools to customise their portfolio. Additionally, in many jurisdictions, the financial advantage of tax loss harvesting can be significant. 

C8 users will now gain access to Alerian and S-Network’s proprietary models and research spanning across sectors including energy, infrastructure, income, alternative energy, healthcare and ESG. With over 20 exclusive models available on the direct indexing platform, this enables advisors to access indexes such as the first real-time MLP index (AMZ), the innovative Composite Closed-End fund index (CEFX) and the unique Healthcare Innovative Index (PHIX).  

“Partnering with C8 enables us to support a broad range of index-based investment solutions underpinned by our unique data and analytics offerings,” says David LaValle, CEO of Alerian and S-Network. “Our firm is dedicated to continuing its history of providing timely access to relevant asset classes.” 

“The simplification of direct indexing means that it is now easier than ever to act directly on industry research and trends to stay ahead of the market,” notes Mattias Eriksson, CEO of C8 Technologies. “C8 is committed to democratising advanced investment techniques and bringing them to a wider audience of investors. Adding Alerian and S-Network to the platform, and the track record associated with them, is a win for all sides.”