Lyxor launches two new ESG-focused ETFs

Two new UCITS exchange traded funds issued by Lyxor International Asset Management are now trading on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt. 

With the Lyxor USD High Yield UCITS ETF - Dist, investors invest in fixed-rate, US dollar-denominated high-yield corporate bonds from developed markets that meet sustainability criteria. The sectors considered are industrials, utilities, and financial services, as well as bonds with an outstanding volume of at least USD300 million and a residual term of at least one year. Accruing interest payments are distributed to the investors. 

Companies with significant business activities in the areas of nuclear energy, tobacco, thermal coal, alcohol, gambling, weapons, and genetically modified organisms are excluded. Furthermore, companies must not be involved in controversial activities that violate applicable norms or social standards and could lead to legal disputes. This applies, for example, to the careful handling of the company's own workforce or the sensitive data of customers, as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly production. 

The Lyxor USD High Yield UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Dist offers investors a currency hedge against the euro.