Defiance ETFs launches first hydrogen ETF listed in the US

Defiance ETFs has launched Next Gen H2 ($HDRO), the first hydrogen ETF in the US. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, HDRO will give investors exposure to companies involved in the development of hydrogen-based energy sources and fuel technologies.

"We're already starting to see hydrogen take on a larger role as a viable energy source," says Defiance ETFs President Paul Dellaquila. "We believe that as governments and corporations continue to demand renewable energy sources and adopt more environment-friendly policies, Hydrogen will be a pivotal resource to help fuel a cleaner economy."

Founded in 2018, Defiance is a FinTech asset manager and an exchange-traded funds (ETFs) sponsor focused on the next generation of investors. Next Gen H2 (HDRO) joins Defiance's suite of first-mover disruptive ETFs, which includes the first SPAC ETF (SPAK) and the first 5G ETF (FIVG).