Agio Funds TFI lists Nasdaq-100 ETF on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Beta ETF Nasdaq-100 PLN-Hedged, a Beta ETF on the index Nasdaq-100, has newly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) Main List. 

AgioFunds TFI is the issuer, Dom Maklerski BOŚ is the offering agent and market maker, and Beta Securities Poland is the co-ordinator of the initiative.

“The importance of ETFs and passive funds on the global capital market has grown dynamically in the past year. Assets under management of passive funds reached USD 8 trillion in 2020, an increase of 34 per cent YoY. ETFs have a great potential on the Polish market as well. We are proud that GPW’s offer now includes an ETF on Nasdaq-100, one of the most replicated indices globally. The new fund on the index of US large-cap technology stocks is an interesting alternative for inves

Nasdaq-100 is an index of the US exchange Nasdaq which covers 100 stocks, mainly high-tech companies. ETF Nasdaq-100 is the first ETF with an FX hedge. As a result, fluctuations of the exchange rate of PLN against the currency of the country of the index (USD) do not affect the valuation of investments.

“Beta ETF Nasdaq-100 is the first fund on GPW to provide exposure to the US Nasdaq technology index. It comes as another step on the way to diversification of portfolios of Polish investors. Importantly, the fund hedges FX risk which is inherent in international investments. With Beta ETF Nasdaq-100, investors get access to the US market without being exposed to the risk of adverse change of the USD/PLN exchange rate. We welcome all investors interested in the US market, even if they have been discouraged by FX risk and resulting complex procedures. Last but not least, the fund is not subject to dividend tax as the index is replicated with futures,” says Robert Sochacki, Board Member of Beta Securities Poland.

Radosław Olszewski, CEO of DM BOŚ, also believes that the new product will attract strong investor interest.

“Today’s new listing of the Beta ETF Nasdaq-100 reflects clients’ growing interest in ETF investments. I am glad that investors get new attractive instruments of passive investment. Beta ETF Nasdaq-100 is one of them as it provides investors with exposure to the attractive US market via brokerage accounts with access to GPW,” says Radosław Olszewski, CEO of DM BOŚ. “With years of experience as an offering agent and market maker, we will protect liquidity of the new instrument.”

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) track (replicate) the performance of an exchange index. ETFs enable continuous (daily) creation and cancellation of investment certificates. Certificates of closed-end portfolio investment funds (ETF units within the meaning of the Exchange Rules) are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the same way as stocks and can be freely bought and sold. Liquidity of ETFs is supported by market makers (brokers).

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