Swiss Crypto ETP issuer 21Shares breaks USD500m in AUM

Within the short time frame of just two years, 21Shares AG, the Swiss based crypto issuer servicing all of European Investors, has now joined the ETF/ETP club of global issuers to surpass USD500 million in assets under management. 

The crypto issuer listed its first physical, fully collateralised crypto basket ETP in November 2018 starting with USD5 million in assets and has now amassed USD77 million in institutional money.

21Shares says its range of crypto ETPs and their unique structure provide institutional investors with the 'safest most convenient' access and liquid exposure to the fastest growing asset class of the last decade. Today, 21Shares has 12 different products listed on the largest regulated stock exchanges in several European countries.

“We launched the first crypto basket ETP in November 2018. It took others in the market almost two years to catch up with our innovative concept. While they have been focused on the issues we solved two years ago, we have continued to innovate and construct ever more advanced products such as the world's first inverse bitcoin ETP which is also centrally cleared for the benefit of institutional investors,” says Hany Rashwan, CEO 21Shares AG.

Despite competition from new entrants to the market, largely replicating 21Shares existing structures, the company has continued to spearhead innovation in the space and has continuously brought new innovative products to the market and made investing in crypto assets easier than ever before. Last week, it launched the world’s first Polkadot ETP (ADOT) on the largest Swiss Stock Exchange with close to $5m in AuM as of Friday’s close.

“We remain ahead and operate on a very different curve than any of the other contenders in the crypto space for institutional financial products, partly because of our depth of knowledge in the both the crypto asset and ETP/ETF spaces. In the coming months, we intend to deliver up to three more products to the market that will not only give institutional and retail clients safe and easy access to crypto assets, but also show the financial markets that blockchain protocols can be engineered to capture superior returns,” Rashwan concludes.

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