CI Global Asset Management launches new ETF US$ Hedged Series of CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund

CI Global Asset Management (CI GAM) has launched the ETF US$ Hedged Series of CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund, adding to the CI Liquid Alternatives lineup of dual-class funds available in both ETF and mutual fund series. 

This new series is now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker symbol CMAG.U.

CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund seeks to generate risk-adjusted, absolute returns through exposure to global growth equities over the medium to long term, while maintaining a capital preservation mindset. The portfolio sub-advisor is Munro Partners, an experienced and accomplished global investment team based in Melbourne, Australia.

CI GAM has adopted the dual-class fund structure, which includes both mutual fund series and ETF series, for certain funds, as part of a continuing initiative to streamline and modernise its product lineup. Benefits of the structure include less duplication of funds, larger funds with greater economies of scale and portfolio diversification opportunities, and greater consistency of fund performance between different fund structures with the same mandates.

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