Global ETF launches 17.12.20-07.01.21

The pick of the latest ETF launches is Compound Kings from Upholdings, a new provider led by former hedge fund analyst and Everlane CFO Robert Cantwell. Elsewhere, Invesco, Sound Income Strategies and Euclid Investment Advisory all launched actively managed fund, while TrueMark and Pacer ETFs debuted new structured outcome offerings. We also have new index-based funds from Blue Horizon Capital, Lyxor, Distillate Capital and Global, and the first ETF from Swan Global Investments, which pairs the benefits of passive investing in equity index ETFs with actively managed options strategies.

New ETF KNGS focuses on cashflow compounders

Sound Income Strategies launches actively-managed income ETFs for retirees and those saving for retirement

Euclid Investment Advisory launches Euclid Capital Growth ETF (EUCG)

TrueMark expands Structured Outcome ETF suite

New energy ETF launch led by team at Blue Horizon Capital

Lyxor launches new European ESG ETF on Xetra

Swan Global Investments launches hedged equity ETF

Pacer ETFs launches structured outcome strategy ETFs in partnership with Swan Global Management

Invesco lists four active non-transparent ETFs on Cboe

Distillate Capital International Fundamental Stability & Value ETF

Global X launches first two UCITS ETFs in Europe


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