Euclid Investment Advisory launches Euclid Capital Growth ETF (EUCG)

Euclid Investment Advisory (Euclid), in partnership with Tidal ETF Services, has launched its first Exchange-Traded Fund – the Euclid Capital Growth ETF (EUCG). 

EUCG is an actively managed ETF that seeks to achieve its investment objective by using systematic trend-following techniques, market analysis and risk management to direct its exposure to various US and non-US equities in a low-risk, bull market environment and to fixed income securities, cash, or cash equivalents for non-equity exposure in a higher risk, bear market environment. The portfolio managers will generally invest EUGC’s assets in index-based ETFs. 

Euclid is an SEC-registered investment advisor founded in 2000. The firm has for the past two decades, provided asset management services for individuals, family offices and investment advisory firms. The firm’s investment models, including that which underpins EUCG, were developed by institutional managers and combine portfolio management judgment with the rigour of computer-generated measurements and indicators.

“We could not be more excited to be bringing our first ETF to the marketplace, providing advisors and individual investors with a powerful new tool in their efforts to both preserve capital and deliver opportunities for outperformance,” says John Creekmur, Principal. “For 20 years, Euclid has focused on creating and implementing strategies that are systematic, structured, and smart, and we are thrilled to be launching EUCG and bringing our approaches to the broad marketplace for the first time.” 

“Much like the Greek mathematician from whom we took our name, we believe in the power of patterns. Our research does not rely on macroeconomic forecasts, future earnings estimates, or quantitative models, but instead on logic, statistical analysis, and a deep understanding of market conditions and trends,” adds Creekmur. “These attributes have been at the core of the Euclid approach since founding the firm and they form the basis of this unique new ETF.”

EUCG trades on the (exchange) and has a management fee of 0.65 per cent.