Fidelity launches emerging market sustainable ETF

Fidelity International (Fidelity) has expanded its Sustainable Research Enhanced ETF range with the launch of a new emerging market fund.

The Fidelity Sustainable Research Enhanced Emerging Market Equity ETF provides investors broad emerging market equity exposure comprised of companies that Fidelity favours from a sustainable and fundamental perspective.

The ETF employs a systematic active strategy and leverages Fidelity’s proprietary analyst research. Companies are selected and weighted in favour of those that Fidelity has identified as having a positive fundamental outlook and strong sustainability credentials, using Fidelity’s Sustainable Ratings. The portfolio typically consists of 300-350 stocks and will be rebalanced quarterly.

Fidelity first launched its Sustainable Research Enhanced Equity ETF range in June this year, consisting of three core regional equity indices: Global, US and Europe. These funds, including the emerging market ETF, form part of Fidelity’s Sustainable Family range of funds.

Competitively priced with an OCF of 0.50 per cent, the ETF commenced trading on Thursday 26 November on the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Xetra. 

Nick King, Head of ETFs, Fidelity International, says: “Our new Sustainable Research Enhanced ETF range offers investors a cost-effective and differentiated product aligned to their growing ESG requirements. We’ve seen a good level of interest since the launch in June, and I am pleased we can now offer clients an emerging market building block to implement their regional views. We hope to expand range further in the coming months.”

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