Accelerate launches OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF

Accelerate Financial Technologies (Accelerate) has launched what it says is Canada’s first alternative investment portfolio ETF, the Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (OneChoice), that will list on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker ONEC.

“In 2020, we have seen bond yields hit all-time lows and equity volatility hit an all-time high. With this backdrop, many investors are searching for uncorrelated returns outside of the traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds,” said Julian Klymochko, Founder and CEO of Accelerate. “The Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF provides investors with a diversified portfolio of alternative asset classes in an easy-to-use ETF with a management fee of only 0.20 per cent.”
Utilising OneChoice in client portfolios may provide two benefits: a reduction client portfolio risk through increased diversification; and an increase in efficiency through the automation of portfolio construction, due diligence and implementation.
The goal of investing in OneChoice is to augment traditional portfolios by lowering portfolio risk and improving risk-adjusted returns through increased diversification.
“Since the 1980’s, the Yale Endowment has perfected the alternative asset allocation portfolio," says Klymochko. "We’re continuing our mission of democratising alternative investments by offering a diversified portfolio of alternative investments in an easy to use, liquid and low-fee ETF.”
The Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (TSX: ONEC) provides exposure to the following asset classes and alternative strategies:

Absolute Return – Arbitrage and Long-Short Equity
Private Credit – Mortgages and Leveraged Loans
Real assets – Infrastructure and Real Estate
Alternative Currencies – Gold and Bitcoin
Global Macro – Risk Parity
Alternative Equity – Alpha + Beta
Klymochko, has over a decade of experience managing alternative strategies, culminating in a BarclayHedge Top 10 global performance award, Preqin global top 10 ranking and 1st place ranking from the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards.
The Toronto Stock Exchange (the TSX) has conditionally approved the listing of the units of the OneChoice ETF. Listing is subject to the OneChoice ETF fulfilling all of the requirements of the TSX on or before 14 January, 2021, including distribution of the units to a minimum number of public unitholders.

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