Tabula partners with research provider ASR

Fixed income ETF specialist Tabula Investment Management (Tabula) has partnered with independent research provider Absolute Strategy Research (ASR), Europe’s leading independent research provider. The partnership will allow Tabula to provide its clients with greater analysis and informed views on fixed income markets. 

ASR develops its own proprietary data and research providing clear, actionable investment ideas that cover strategic asset allocation, investment strategy, economics, multi asset strategy and thematics. ASR has been consistently ranked by Extel as Europe’s leading macro independent research provider.   

“We live in increasingly uncertain and challenging times. More than ever before, investors need more insight on the markets and what drives them,” says Michael John Lytle, CEO of Tabula Investment Management.  “Following the implementation of MiFID II in 2018, which requires asset managers to split the cost of investment research from that of buying and selling securities, many fund managers have cut their research budgets. Unfortunately, this has coincided with a period when investors are particularly in need of more insight. By teaming up with ASR we can provide clients with some of the highest-quality independent research available.”   

Jason Smith, CIO of Tabula, says:“ We chose to partner with ASR because not only does it provide some of the best market insight available, it is independent, doesn’t engage in investment banking activities, doesn’t sell its research to trading desks, nor engage in proprietary trading or manage client money.  It is one of the most respected and trusted research providers covering the markets.”

Peter Holmes, COO of ASR, says: “We are delighted to be working with such a dynamic and fast-growing ETF provider as Tabula. Investors are calling out for new innovative and transparent investment strategies and Tabula is at the forefront of this in the fixed income ETF market. We hope that through our insights, we can support them in providing their clients with deeper market knowledge.”