CIBC Asset Management launches actively-managed ETF Series on three fixed-income pools

CIBC Asset Management has launched three new actively-managed ETF series for CIBC Conservative Fixed Income Pool, CIBC Core Fixed Income Pool and CIBC Core Plus Fixed Income Pool. 

These new ETF series will provide investors with access to advanced bond strategies in a simple one-ticket solution.

"Building on the successful performance of our fixed income pool products, we are pleased to offer these investment solutions in an ETF series which will allow investors greater flexibility in their portfolios," says David Scandiffio, President and CEO, CIBC Asset Management. 

Composed of a diverse mix of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, the CIBC Fixed Income Pools are designed to be a long-term core bond holding and feature built-in rebalancing and tactical asset allocation. They include actively-managed investments in government and corporate bonds across the spectrum of investment-grade and high-yield, geography and currency.

CIBC Conservative Fixed Income Pool - ETF series, CIBC Core Fixed Income Pool - ETF series and CIBC Core Plus Fixed Income Pool - ETF series have closed initial offering of units and are now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.