Lyxor figures show September ETF inflows of over EUR10 billion

Vincent Denoiseux, Lyxor

Lyxor ETF has released its latest Money Monitor report, which provides an analysis of flows in European open-ended funds and ETFs. The report also looks at the main investment trends observed over the past month. 

The latest Money Monitor report from Lyxor ETF, produced by Vincent Denoiseux, (pictured) Head of ETF Research and Solutions at the firm, finds that equity flows surpassed Fixed Income flows by more than EUR10 billion in September. 

The firm writes that investors mostly allocated to World Equities via broad or sector-based exposures, while Fixed Income net inflows were small. Investors became increasingly concerned with stretched bond valuations and started to exit corporate bond positions over the month, Lyxor ETF says.

ETFs gathered EUR5.1billion in September. Fixed Income and Equity ETFs accumulated EUR-0.1 billion and EUR6.2 billion respectively, meanwhile ESG ETFs continued their strong trend and set a record for assets gathered in a month (EUR3.9 billion), Lyxor ETF writes.

Smart Beta ETFs were mostly flat, with some investors dipping their toes into Value, attracted by the historically high valuation spread between Growth and Value stocks, according to the firm. Meanwhile, Fixed Income funds and ETFs gathered a combined EUR6.7 billion in net new assets with EUR6.8 billion into open-end funds and -EUR0.1 billion into ETFs, predominantly in broad or foreign currency funds.

Equity fund and ETFs enjoyed EUR18.8 billion of net new assets, with EUR12.5 billion into funds and EUR6.2 billion into ETFs, Lyxor ETF writes.

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