DWS Europe-listed ESG Xtrackers exceed EUR3bn in assets

Europe-listed environmental, social and governance (ESG) Xtrackers ETFs by DWS have broken through the EUR3 billion in assets under management mark. 

As of 15 October, 2020, assets invested in Xtrackers Europe-listed ESG ETFs reached EUR3.33 billion on the back of strong inflows, including over EUR2 billion in inflows this year.

“We’ve seen demand for ESG exposure soar this year, particularly from institutional investors looking to switch from traditional indices into ESG equivalents, and we had the right products in place to absorb that demand,” says Simon Klein, DWS’s Global Head of Passive Sales. “Clients have also been attracted by the carefully chosen indices some of our ESG ETFs use, which include an explicit carbon filter so as to ensure high environmental consciousness standards. We expect our offering to remain at the forefront of this expanding and important market segment.”
The Xtrackers equity ETFs tracking MSCI ESG indices benefit from extensive filtering, including, unusually, a carbon filter, based on MSCI ESG research. To create the MSCI World Low Carbon SRI Leaders Index, for example, two screening methodologies are applied to the MSCI Word Index of 1,607 companies. The first is based on ESG requirements, while a carbon emissions screening methodology based on assessments of current and potential emissions is designed to filter out the most carbon intensive companies. Fixed income Xtrackers ESG ETFs use Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Sustainability and SRI screening methodologies, which positively screen issuers from existing parent indices based on MSCI ESG ratings, and negatively screen issuers that may be involved in business lines or activities in conflict with investment policies, values or social norms.