Defiance ETFs launches first SPAC ETF

Defiance ETFs has launched the first SPAC ETF, the Defiance Next Gen SPAC Derived ETF (SPAK).

SPAK joins Defiance’s growing suite of first-mover thematic ETFs, including FIVG (5G ETF) and IBBJ (Junior Biotech ETF).

“The Defiance team is excited to bring to market the first SPAC ETF (NYSE: SPAK). Picking the winners of individual SPACs can be very difficult, however the ETF structure allows investors to access the most liquid SPAC IPOs in a diversified basket. SPAK allows both financial advisors and retail investors to participate in an IPO private equity style of investing, which until now, was only available to large financial institutions,” says a statement issued by Defiance ETFs.