Japan ETFs and ETPS gather net inflows of USD6.58bn during July 2020, says ETFGI

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ETFs and ETPs listed in Japan gathered net inflows of USD6.58 billion during July, bringing year-to-date net inflows to USD51.54 billion significantly more than the USD26.44 billion gathered at this point in 2019 and significantly more than the net inflows of USD36.72 billion gathered in all of 2019. 

Assets invested in the Japanese ETFs/ETPs industry have decreased by 1.2 per cent, from USD420.41 billion at the end of June, to USD415.33 billion at the end of July taking assets to the third highest level on record, according to ETFGI's July 2020 Japanese ETFs and ETPs industry landscape insights report, the monthly report which is part of an annual paid-for research subscription service. 

“The S&P 500 gained 5.6 per cent in July, aided by the US Federal Reserve stimulus and strong earnings," says Deborah Fuhr, managing partner, founder and owner of ETFGI. "International markets also gained, with Developed Ex-U.S. and Emerging up 3.0 per cent and 8.5 per cent, respectively. In the developed markets Scandinavian countries benefited most, led by Norway (up 10.8 per cent) and Sweden (up 10.1 per cent); while Japan (down 2.0 per cent) was the sole negative performer among developed countries. Dollar weakness contributed toward the positive momentum in Emerging markets where 19 of 25 countries gained, led by Brazil (up 14.4 per cent) and Pakistan (up 13.4 per cent), while Taiwan (up 12.1 per cent) neared an all-time high.”

At the end of July 2020, the Japanese ETF/ETP industry had 210 ETFs/ETPs, with 244 listings, assets of USD415 billion, from 19 providers on two exchanges.

Equity ETFs/ETPs listed in Japan had net inflows of USD6.80 billion during July, bringing net inflows for the year to July 2020 to USD46.71 billion, much higher than the USD27.36 billion in net inflows equity products had in the year to July 2019. Leveraged ETFs/ETPs listed in Japan saw net outflows of USD341 million during July, bringing net inflows for the year to July 2020 to USD1.96 billion, higher than the USD3.75 billion in net outflows leveraged products reported in the year to July 2019.

Fixed Income ETFs/ETPs listed in Japan saw net inflows of USD35 million during July 2020, taking net inflows for the year to July 2020 to USD120 million, higher than the USD113 million in net inflows Fixed Income products attracted in the year to July 2019.

The Bank of Japan held USD304 billion or 73 per cent of all ETFs/ETPs assets in Japan at the end of July. During July 2020, Bank of Japan purchased ETF/ETP assets to the value of USD6 billion.

Substantial inflows can be attributed to the top 20 ETFs by net new assets, which collectively gathered USD6.90 billion during July, the TOPIX Exchange Traded Fund (1306 JP) gathered USD2.34 billion alone.