Fixed income ETF provider Tabula moves to larger premises

London headquartered European fixed income ETF provider Tabula Investment Management has moved to bigger premises to support its continued growth and encourage staff to voluntarily return to working in an office environment. 

The fund manager says its success is based on close collaboration between staff to develop and deliver unique and innovative fixed income investment strategies, and this is best achieved in an office environment where colleagues can work together more effectively.

So far, around 90 per cent of Tabula’s London-based employees have said they plan to start working from the new office immediately. However, if staff need or prefer to work remotely, they may.

Tabula has moved from an office with 1,300 square feet to 55 Strand, London, where its office has approximately 3,000 square feet. For its new premises, Tabula has put in place several measures to create a safe working environment, as well as deploying the latest environmental measures in line with its corporate responsibility policy.

With around 1,700 more square feet for its employees to use, it is easier to social distance, and particular attention has been paid to public spaces and communal areas. There is additional office cleaning, staff are encouraged to take the stairs as opposed to lifts, and to avoid peak-time public transport. Facilities allow for cycling to work and the company is a member of the cycle to work scheme further supporting the avoidance of public transport.

Michael John Lytle, CEO, Tabula Investment Management, says: “We are a vibrant and fast-growing fund manager. We have launched new fixed income investment strategies during lockdown and have more planned. Key to our success is our ability to be nimble, quick and creative with our strategy, drawing upon the team’s deep experience to share and develop ideas. While we have adapted during this year, I am convinced that the gradual and careful return to shared workspace is an important tool for cementing teams and enhancing co-operation. 

“The physical and mental well-being of our staff is our number one priority and with this in mind, many of our colleagues have openly expressed their desire to return to working in an office. However, for those colleagues that don’t feel ready to come back into the office, we will continue to support them working from home.”