Credit Suisse Asset Management ETFs top USD2bn AUM in three months

Since Credit Suisse Asset Management, range of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which were launched in March 2020, have now passed USD2 billion in assets under management. 

Two additional Credit Suisse Asset Management ETFs start trading on three major European exchanges today.

Credit Suisse Asset Management made its return to the ETF market on 16 March, 2020. Since then, their ETFs have raised more than USD2 billion and are fast becoming an integral part of a broader range of 98 index funds with USD104 billion (as at 31 May, 2020) in combined assets.
“Our long-standing experience in index funds has given us the requisite know-how to succeed in ETFs,” says Valerio Schmitz-Esser, Head of Credit Suisse Asset Management Index Solutions. “The efficiency of our processes and the precision of our techniques make our ETFs ideally positioned to take full advantage of the potential in this segment.”
Credit Suisse Asset Management has also launched two additional ETFs. The CSIF (IE) MSCI USA Small Cap ESG Leaders Blue UCITS ETF and CSIF (IE) FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Green Blue UCITS ETF. As of today, the two funds are trading on SIX Swiss Exchange, Deutsche Börse, and Borsa Italiana. Like the existing Credit Suisse Asset Management ETFs, the new products are being launched under the Credit Suisse Index Fund (IE) ETF ICAV umbrella. With US small caps and global real estate, the funds offer exposure to two potentially interesting and promising segments. Both new ETFs bear the label “Blue”, which stands for Credit Suisse Index Funds without securities lending, and both fit into the Credit Suisse ESG framework.
The CSIF (IE) MSCI USA Small Cap ESG Leaders Blue UCITS ETF gives access to a broadly diversified portfolio of US small-cap stocks with market capitalizations below USD 10 bn. The eponymous benchmark index screens the investment universe for environmental, social, and corporate governance performance and thereby represents approximately 50% of the US small-cap opportunity set.
The CSIF (IE) FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Green Blue UCITS ETF invests in a global portfolio of environmentally friendly real estate stocks and real estate investment trusts (REITS). In a low-yield environment, listed real estate combines stable rental income with long-term protection against inflation.