Amundi launches eight new sustainable investment ETFs on Xetra

Amunid has launched eight new exchange traded funds focused on sustainable investments on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

The eight ETFs offer investors the opportunity to invest in a global selection of shares from 23 industrial nations or in shares of medium-sized and large companies from the USA, Europe or the European Monetary Union. Investors focus on companies that meet sustainability criteria. Companies with significant business activities in nuclear energy, tobacco, steam coal, alcohol, gambling, weapons and genetically modified organisms are excluded from the index.

Four of the eight new Amundi ETFs track the MSCI ESG Universal Select Index family. The weighting of the index components is determined by ESG factors. Preference is given to companies that have a stable ESG rating and show a positive trend towards improving this profile.

However, for the three Amundi ETFs from the MSCI ESG Leaders Select index series and the Amundi Index MSCI EMU SRI UCITS ETF DR (A), the weighting of an individual security is limited to a maximum of five percent.

Each of the eight ETFs reinvests dividend income. The annual running costs are between 0.15 and 0.18 per cent.