QRAFT AI ETFs mark first year anniversary

QRAFT AI ETFs has marked the one-year anniversary of the Qraft AI-Enhanced US Large Cap ETF (QRFT) and the Qraft AI-Enhanced US Large-Cap Momentum ETF (AMOM).  

The funds aim to provide investors with a balanced exposure to factors that have historically been associated with strong investment returns.   

In pursuing their investment objective, the funds consult a database generated by the AI Quantitative Investment System of Qraft Technologies, a member of NVIDIA's Inception Premier.

For the most recent standard performance of the Funds, click QRFT AMOM.

"We believe that artificial intelligence may allow us to identify patterns that are not readily discernible to human eyes, predict which factors may be likely to outperform, as well as note changing factor performance patterns," says Hyung-Sik Kim, CEO of Qraft Technologies. Kim went on to note that "artificial intelligence may help to analyse the big data of a vast number of companies simultaneously as well as construct balanced portfolios through a bottom-up approach."

QRFT looks to provide investors with exposure to quality, size, valuation, momentum, and low risk. The fund uses AI in an aim to identify its historical relationship with macroeconomic and financial factors and predict which factors are likely to do well going forward.

AMOM uses AI to achieve its goal of providing investors with purer exposure to the momentum factor.

"At Exchange Traded Concepts, we look to bring unique and compelling investment ideas to market," says Garrett Stevens, CEO of ETC, the firm which serves as advisor to the funds. "We believe that the use of artificial intelligence brings an interesting and novel spin to factor investing."