Global X ETFs model portfolios pass USD100m in assets

New York-based ETF provider Global X ETFs' suite of ETF Model Portfolios has attracted over USD100 moillion in total assets. 

The model portfolios, developed and maintained by Chief Investment Officer, Jon Maier, provide advisors with insight into the vast landscape of ETFs to achieve specific outcomes or risk targets for their clients.  

Exchange-traded funds, heralded as transparent building blocks for investors of all stripes, have grown in recent years to over 2,000 available products within the United States. By creating model portfolios constructed using both Global X and third-party ETFs, the firm provides tools to help advisors achieve differing objectives for their clients, including:

• Equity Thematic Disruptors - Thematic ETFs tend to, and aim to, transcend traditional sector, industry, and geographic classifications to provide exposures to high growth potential areas. This portfolio provides a structured approach to selecting and weighting themes, as part of a balanced total portfolio.

• Equity Income – This strategy provides an equity-based allocation designed to balance income needs with total return, while diversifying across sectors and risk factors. 

• Core Series – The Core Series Portfolios range across five different risk appetites from Conservative to Aggressive. By incorporating Thematic and Factor-based strategies alongside broad equity and fixed income ETFs, these portfolios offer a unique approach to portfolio construction. 

“Having spent about two decades working in the ETF industry, I see and believe that the need for education, explanation, and guidance continues to grow,” says Jon Maier, CIO of Global X ETFs. “Since advisors and investors are presented with a substantial range of investment options, we know it is crucial to provide well-designed model portfolios to help navigate the complex landscape and achieve specific financial goals. With our Global X model portfolios, we are proud to provide a range of differentiated income, growth, and risk-based solutions. We are very pleased with the reception thus far, and we’re excited to continue working towards solving ever-evolving investment needs. 

"The Equity Thematic Disruptors Portfolio exemplifies how we aim to differentiate our exposures to achieve specific outcomes. Amid the recent global health crisis, we have found that certain disruptive trends have proven to be more resilient than older segments of the economy. Our portfolio maintains exposure to targeted segments of the market that are well-positioned for growth amid widespread stay-at-home orders, such as cloud computing, biotech, and the internet of things. This portfolio is also used within three of the five Core Series Portfolios to help improve growth characteristics.”

The model portfolios are currently available through a range of platforms, including: the TD Ameritrade Institutional Model Market CenterTM, GeoWealth, Envestnet, Interactive Advisors and Interactive Brokers.