Invesco's QQQ ETF reaches USD100bn AUM milestone

Invesco Ltd's Invesco QQQ, the company's top-performing large-cap growth ETF that tracks the innovative companies included in the Nasdaq-100 Index, has reached USD100 billion in assets under management (AUM). 

Invesco QQQ offers investors access to global growth companies, excluding the securities of financial companies, and is the 5th largest ETF listed in the US.ii Launched in 1999, QQQ has a live track record of over 21 years and offers one of the longest performance histories available in an ETF.

"Strong performance along with robust inflows have propelled Invesco QQQ to the $100 billion milestone," says Lorraine Wang, Global Head of ETF Products and Research at Invesco. "There is potential for innovative technology-enabled solutions and medical advancements to drive much of the positive response to the current crisis. Invesco QQQ delivers exposure to the types of innovative companies that are well-positioned to capitalise on a number of transformative, long-term themes in the marketplace."

By tracking the Nasdaq-100 Index, Invesco QQQ can provide investors a means to diversify their portfolios while still investing in the large-cap equity space. Currently Invesco QQQ showcases underlying constituents that can be considered innovators in their respective sectors. This may capture leaders in both the current shift to digital working and learning, as well as potential advancements in biotech and healthcare.

"In this recent extreme bout of volatility, investors recognise Invesco QQQ's value in providing ample secondary liquidity in the marketplace," explains Ryan McCormack, Invesco QQQ Strategist.