EQM Indexes launches new Covid-19 index suite

EQM Indexes, a San Diego-based index developer for exchange-traded products, is launching a suite of four indices capturing investment themes associated with the Covid-19 global pandemic. The four index themes are: Stay at Home, Work from Home, Covid-19 Stocks, and Global Pandemic Disruption.

The EQM Index InQubator site will spotlight equally weighted versions of these indexes, all of which are available for customisation and licensing. Sample performance and top ten holdings for each theme are available for review on the site.

COVID-19 Index themes include:

  • Stay at Home Index: an index to track global companies benefiting from the emerging 'stay at home' economy.
  • Work from Home Index: an index to track global companies benefiting from the emerging 'work from home' remote economy.
  • EQM Covid-19 Stock Index: an index to track global companies developing therapies, vaccines, and/or diagnostic tests in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.
  • EQM Global Pandemic Disruption Index: an index to track global companies in the industries most disrupted by a global pandemic including travel bookings, live entertainment, health clubs, airlines, cruises, casinos, restaurants, and hospitality.

As EQM Indexes’ CEO and co-founder, Jane Edmondson, explains: “Our goal was to provide timely access to these investment ideas, which are not trades, but capture longer-term thematic trends, which will prevail post the resolution of the Covid-19 global pandemic.”

EQM Indexes has been an index industry disruptor with their innovative and unique thematic indexes such as Online Retail, International Ecommerce, Blockchain, Battery Metals & Mining, Brand Value, Global Cannabis, and collaborated on the indexes for last year’s ETF.com award winners XOUT US Large Cap and RPAR Risk Parity.